Misc Pictures

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Miscelaneous images, location, studio, and still life.

Playing with a new camera.

Spa Savanna location shoot.

Class Studio Demo.

Trapeze performer Alisan practiced for us.

Editorial Illustration of pad thai.

Product shot, extraction examples. Pickle Surprise Theme.

Eddie stopped an elbow and hockey stick with his face.

Misc Applied Location class pics.

After a terse Dear John email from his wife, Peter Pumpkinhead learns of her infidelity with his neighbour, one Mr. Pumpkineater.

Peter Pumpkin Eater found dead. (Failed attempt)

Location study.

More of the same, with Guv.

Dorking around with 4 light flash setup.

Class assignment for catalog shots.

Class assignment using fill flash.

Playing with macro lens, and some weak attempts at 'painting with light'.

Trying some tabletop photography.

First stab at studio work.

Walked around Ile Bizard, and broke a lightbulb on the stove.

Fun in the bathroom.

Playing with extention tubes and inverter rings.

My apartment has been invaded by dead cows.

Smoked Meat Pete's and Beer.

An evening at Schwart's.

Playing around at the company Christmas Party.

I broke open a hard drive. :)

A little snow, and a blooming Christmas Cactus.

Between the Bridges.

Playing with aperture and DOF.

Someone stuffed a poor pumpkin up a tree... A month ago.

Pics of Rob's piano.

My Japanese Schoolgirl, a mushroom, Windsor Pumpkin Regatta.

The F.T.P. is purchased, and we have hotdogs to celebrate.

My eye, Orange macros, Chris' Bike, Beef Ribs, Moose's Mustang.

Lake Banook, French Aircraft Carrier Charles De Gaulle in port.

Playing with new lens and flash, Kraft Dinner, Insulating, 586.3km/tank, 1st dip.

Corals at Dal Oceanography, Lynn and Corey's tank.

Citadel Hill Town Clock, Driving Around, and Aquarium.

Corey and Lynn's, Aquarium, Burnside Trails, and Lunch at Mike's.

Maya likes Slashdot and pizza, and I wandered around the block after a storm.

I wandered downtown and took some night pics.

IC.GC made me supper (cliche food shots), Stillwater Lake at night

Work, Dave's last day @ JJ McKay supper, and the waterfront at night

Some comparisons between my new camera and the old

Pics of Trev's, Gord's, mice, an aircraft carrier...

Trying out the Canon Digital Rebel, dusk shots downtown, some nighttime fountain pics, work pics (w/sweets)

I stole Dan's camera, and some of his pictures too. Don't tell him, 'k?

Caterpillar macros, Martello Tower (PPP), Hemlock Ravine walk, Cyrix 387 FastMath asplosion

Frog Pond hike, pool antics, Crystal Crescent Beach

Leanne's lada, MacDonald Bridge walk, Mustang, new fence, power toolz

Settlers, a dream home, Rob's new desk

Hanging out, The Cheat!, a spider, TPB Season 4 Premier @ the Marquee

1st panoramic attempts

Hanging out, Dan's new camera, and a couple night shots

Lonestar, Pet store, night shots downtown, and a submarine in the aquarium (rock!)

Xmas dinner, hanging out (w/table surfing), and someone got engaged but didn't tell us about it

Stereo hook-up, Citadel clock tower at night, Xbox mod, hanging out

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A secret mixture which contains one or more of the following:
kerosene, propylene glycol, artificial sweeteners, sulphuric
acid, rum, acetone, red dye #2, scumm, axle grease, battery
acid, and/or peperoni.